Continuous Integration and Systems Engineering

The document discusses the challenges faced by a small team working on a complex project that spans multiple domains. The team members, mostly Astronautical Engineers, struggle to keep up with the inner workings of every system, particularly the embedded software aspect. To address this, the author implemented Continuous Integration and used Python to automate the process of building and running code, generating plots, and making an executable available. This automation ensures that the project readme is always up to date and allows team members to easily check the current performance. The availability of data is also beneficial for progress reports, as there is no need to wait for someone to run the code and generate plots. However, other sub-teams face difficulties in compiling their progress into a report. The code used for the project is public, and the specific repository can be accessed through a provided link. The document concludes by mentioning the simplicity of the setup in the .gitlab-ci.yml file.

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