I'm Anson. My day job is currently working on software simulations for testing at Blue Origin. If you want to know more about my professional career then you can go here. I'm a big fan of writing software to solve aerospace problems, and I think humanity needs to focus on moving forward. So, this role is a natural fit for me.

What is this website? This website serves two major purposes for me. The first is that I want to develop my skills as an engineer, and secondly forcing myself to present a topic makes me more honest in my research. The focus of this website is for my growth, not to grow a subscriber list.

Use of AI generated content. ChatGPT 4 is really powerful and avoiding it will put you at a major disadvantage. I use it at work, I use it for fun, and I sometimes use it here. I went through a phase of using AI generated images for posts, now I'm kind of against it. Unsplash has an excellent library that is licensed very permissively, and sometimes I have fun making images from scratch. However, using it to make other content is totally on the table, whether it’s proofing text, writing code, or summarizing notes I use it quite heavily. That said, AI never gets the final say. It augments my workflow but never replaces it.