Libre Projects

Libre Projects
Photo by Karim MANJRA / Unsplash

Welcome to my collection of Libre Projects! Each of these projects is not only free to use and openly licensed but also comes with a hosted version when possible that you're welcome to utilize. I encourage you to explore, use, fork, and contribute to these projects. Your contributions, whether through using the hosted services, providing feedback, or contributing code, are invaluable.

Think free, as in free speech, not free beer. - Richard Stallman

Simple Stock Bot

Upgrade financial discussion's in your group chats with Simple Stock Bot. Get real-time stock market and cryptocurrency insights within your Telegram or Discord group chats. With Simple Stock Bot, keeping up with the stock market or cryptocurrency trends has never been more seamless and engaging. Repository:

Project Website


I thought the idea of building my own personalized newspaper was cool. So, I decided to build a clone using my own subscribed RSS feeds. Think of it as a public RSS reader. Repository:

Project Website

Wikipedia Location Bot

Really simple Telegram bot that you send your current location and it returns nearby Wikipedia entries. Awesome for if you are bored in a new part of town and want to do some reading, or on vacation looking for an adventure. Repository:

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